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Swiss Arms Confiscated | NFA, National Firearms Association, Canada gun information

If you register it, they WILL come to take it from you, and you will be forced to make an awful decision. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at


Court Rules School Can Ban U.S. Flag Shirts to ‘Avoid Violence’

Official legal sanction given to thugs and ruffians to suppress the expression of innocent persons by threats of violence.

Crumbling. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Holder hospitalized as precaution for faintness

That’s unfortunate.

Looks like it’s not serious. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Chris Christie approval rating plummets 20 percent

Oh boo hoo! Authoritarian Chris Christie isn’t loved by his idiot constituency anymore!

As I have no use for the state of New Jersey, Chris Christie served his purpose once his election as governor of that state acted as a first rebuke of Obama’s leftism.

I can think of few less qualified to be president from a Republican standpoint.

Naturally having worked in numerous productive jobs throughout his career having actually run a state he would be more qualified than our current president.

But as they say, the top of the shit pile is still shit.

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How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations – The…

We really are moving from merely a philosophically Randian dystopic vision into a Bracken-ian nightmare. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

S/V Danneskjöld

I’ve been busy posting last few days with much time to read and comment due to family medical issues.

One statement I can make without hesitation is a response to the numerous comments, posts and articles concerning the fact that there is ‘no reason you need to possess’ this or that arm.

My reason for possessing whatever weapon you oppose is for the purpose of using it on you, and whomever you will hire to protect you, should you attempt to keep me from owning it. You may claim that the argument is circular, but it is I who intends to give it an end point.

Brave New World Of ‘Predictive Policing’ Raises Specter Of High-Tech Racial Profiling

Complaints of racial profiling are almost always complaints about a legitimately suspect program, clouded by the proponent’s refusal to acknowledge an incontestably true fact: that crime is committed disproportionately by minorities.

Such is not a justification for racism, but it is a true honest-to-God fact.

Object to unconstitutional acts based on their own nature, not your own racism. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Sipsey Street Irregulars: An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the Connecticut State Police:…

Where does one retrieve balls this big?

Given Connecticut’s issuance of confiscation orders to those who (foolishly) registered firearms with the state, I can see where he is coming from … But the direct call out, wow.

You have to love it.

When the flag goes up, it won’t be the citizenry that raised it.

Onward we march into lunacy. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Conn Carroll – FCC “Survey” Straight From Podesta’s Fairness Doctrine Playbook

It’s like a Randian script. Can’t force conservatives off the radio because their programs are economically viable and yours are not? send government minders to ensure programming is in the ‘public interest.’

Also order that minorities own a certain number of stations.

Racist, tyrannical ideologues. The march continues as the lunatics clip the flag to the flagpole. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Parents lose custody of teen after seeking 2nd medical opinion; girl indefinitely detained in…

These types of story you just hope aren’t true. Not because they can’t possibly be true, but because, at least for me, the red line would have been crossed months ago. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at