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Welfare Queen

At the end … Very astute. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at


Anonymous Message to Barack Obama: Do You See What We See?

Just a little summary of what’s been happening. 16 minutes of your time. Do you see it, or are you boiling comfortably in a pot? Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Boston Top Cop: City Residents Do Not ‘Need’ To Own Shotguns, Rifles

Police Chief in the birthplace of sending armed thugs to everyone’s home and searching it without a warrant thinks citizens have no ‘need’ (ergo right) to own shotguns or rifles.

That is actually a logically coherent message … if antithetical to liberty. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Franklin County DUI Checkpoint Locations Announced

Don’t Walk, Don’t Talk, Don’t Look At The Pen, Don’t Blow. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Chicks On The Right has the misfortune of being fooled by leftists more clever than their staff, being too emotional about being called on it to actually read what they’re supporting, and having such a fragile ego that they delete any reference to their error. Triple threat!

This is one of the problems of relying on ‘personality pages’ (like this one) for news. They don’t have the time to vet sources, the intellect to understand what they are promoting, or the credibility to admit they made a mistake. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Maloney Calls for Investigation Into Threats From Pro-Gun Leader Larry Pratt – Hill Blotter

Here on the Danneskjold we love Larry Pratt. And pretty much for every reason domestic enemies like Maloney hate him. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Obama tells Netanyahu ‘deeply concerned’ over Gaza

Obungle reserves his ‘grave concern’ for Israel’s acts. He doesn’t care what acts of terror are committed by his anti-western friends in Hamas.

We should be sending Israel two free bombs for every one they drop. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at