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FDA Moves to Stop Sharing Between Beer Makers and Farmers

Regulations like this are not “aww shucks, that’s just government.” They are violent intrusions into the private lives of citizens, both corporate and private.

It’s not just that it doesn’t make sense, these regulations are unprovoked arbitrary violence. The whole point of having a government is to avoid the risk of suffering arbitrary violence.

Sensible people shrugging their shoulders at things like this is the means by which a free country is destroyed. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at


This is why my personal philosophy is better than yours.

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Widening Gap Between Public Will, Government Action

You lost me at “Take our democracy back!”

We don’t live in a democracy dillweed. This is a Constitutional Republic.

Then it goes on to imply that a government attains legitimacy simply by having its autocrat selected by a majority of its people, rather than by its respect for the individual.

These people just don’t get it. Their enslavement to a majority (two wolves and a sheep voting over what’s for dinner) is more entrenched than those living as slaves to a despot. At least the despotic victims know and understand their plight. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Expanded Medicaid won’t save Ohio promised $400 million

John R. Kasich’s public-fleecing program to ignore the Constitutional limits of his power, ignore the expressed, official votes of the General Assembly, and prove the insider, back-room tomfoolery of the Statehouse was based on fiscal lies.

Such as it is when one man is granted the ‘power’ to ignore his oath of office and rule by despotic fiat. A shameful act with a shameful result. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

‘Gun’ Tattoo Mistakenly Brings Heavily Armed Police To Maine Man’s Home – CBS Connecticut

“Police didn’t charge him.”

Well whoop-de-f’n-do! You have a bunch if snitches call the police about what a person has every right legally. Constitutionally, and as a human being to do. They respond like the Gestapo kicking down doors and putting guns in peoples faces for NO REASON.

What could have happened was a bloodbath between a peaceable citizen minding his own business and a group of armed invaders.

What will happen is that the police will ‘choose’ not to charge him with violating the non-existent law they attempted to use to justify their incursion, and then he’ll be asked to kiss their ring and thank them for their mercy.

Sorry, a little over the top with the anti-authority rant. Maybe I should be bitching that the ‘reporter’ has such an attitude. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Katie Pavlich – Illegal Immigrant Planning to Sue American First Responders Who Saved His Life

What a piece of shit. If only we could go back in time and allow him to drown. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Pat Cadell | Video |

So a confused democrat walks into a conservative convention, finds a microphone, and says THIS.

It’s worth your time. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

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