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Wendy Davis Failed to Disclose Income, Ties to Lobbyists

Uh oh. More problems for Abortion Barbie. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at


S/V Danneskjöld

Rather than commenting on the traitor in chief’s words tonight, I will share this truth.

There is no possible damage that Edward Snowden could cause – including the horrific loss of Americans or allies fighting overseas – which would make his revelations unworthy. The very thing our fighting men and women are sacrificing for is being destroyed at home by domestic traitors.

There exists no greater enemy, anywhere. No nation can destroy the US, except the US; and we are sadly dancing down that road.

Tonight let us think of one of our greatest patriots; who happens to be exiled by the traitors and enemies whom we ALL know would never have lifted a finger for our rights, no matter what they were told.

Edward Snowden Support Page

EDITORIAL: Silencing the political opposition

You can share stories like this, but the truth is, no one cares or listens.

That’s why I always load a magazine when I read that government officials are openly, notoriously, corruptly, and unashamedly targeting civilians for oppression. My AR cares. My Glock listens. The RFB never ignores a loaded mag. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Delta Force commando awarded second-highest military honor for Benghazi rescue

While I question outing this hero’s name and assignment if the information wasn’t meant to be released, it offers still more proof of my spot on analysis immediately after this debacle as to exactly what happened; and the lies that followed. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

Hopes for first womb transplant baby – Telegraph

Uh-oh. One step closer to viability at conception and the (obvious) fact that an infant’s life is separate from its mother’s …. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

S/V Danneskjöld

Did you read in the newspaper about Wisconsin’s free-falling unemployment rate, near billion dollar surplus and rebates to taxpayers?

I didn’t think so.

Newspaper conglomerate considers building massive database of gun owners

Back in the day, Columbus passed an ‘Assault Weapons Ban.’ The result was that the State stripped their right to pass any gun legislation whatsoever.

The solution to this problem is called Constitutional Carry – the elimination of any prerequisite or licensure for the exercise of basic human rights. So … I guess massive overreach can have benefits. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

BREAKING: Illinois Proposes Confiscating Firearms from Medical Patients | The Truth About Guns


Liberals want to deny people their natural human rights as a condition for accepting state-funded healthcare.

I NEVER saw that coming … Oh wait. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at

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