John R. Kasich, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction,

When Gary Mohr and Governor John Kasich teamed up to destroy Truth In Sentencing, they put into play an inevitable set of circumstances. Outsourcing the costs and risks of criminality onto the innocent citizens of Ohio rather than keeping to the core functions of a State government – keeping citizens safe from antisocial parasites.

Violent, dangerous criminals continue to be released without supervision, or with supervision rules which prohibit punishment for their violations of supervision. The Prisons Director continues to issue ‘positive’ numbers of criminals not returning to prison. Unfortunately, this has to do with ODRC’s choice not to supervise criminals, and when supervising them, not to punish their violations, instead of an actual decrease in crime.

This is what happens when perverse incentives are given to government, which rewards itself financially for failing to do its job. ODRC now wants to up the ante – creating financial incentives for counties to either refuse to supervise, or, if supervising refuse to enforce standards of behavior in the community.

Truth In Sentencing has worked and made Ohio a safe place to live. Our elected leaders, and those who are appointed by them, should not take something that is a success, and turn it into a disaster for a quick buck. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at


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