A Tea Party Tempest in Tennessee

These leftist hatchet-jobs on conservatives and libertarians leave out one thing … compromise doesn’t consist of going less in a direction you do not prefer when doing nothing gets you superior results. Nothing is the de facto. When someone wants to change from the status quo, it is up to them to convince everyone else that their change is superior. People like Lamar think it’s more important to look like you’re doing ‘something’ than to do anything useful.

If you’re in a car headed down a street that is veering left, you want to straighten up the car, and even go a little right to correct your course. The other people in the car give you the choice of turning the wheel all-the-way to the left, or just more to the left, but not all the way. You get criticized for saying, ‘in that case, we’re just going to keep it at a slight veer.’

Unless you’re the idiot Senator Lamar Alexander in the car, and you just want to look like you’re easy to get along with so you help steer the car off into the woods of leftism. Reference: http://ift.tt/1nX2wDP Follow me on Facebook at http://ift.tt/1dq0nLr


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