Annika Neklason | Student Scared of Guns

The fear you feel, Anna, is the fear of guilt. The fear of something bad happening to you, for you to have been capable but unwilling to stop that thing, for you failing to do so, and the guilt that your failure would bring. So, rather than steeling your mind, or accepting your weakness; rather than trying to prepare yourself to stop the bad thing, you choose the easy way – make it illegal for any person to be able to stop the bad thing from happening.

Then you don’t have to feel guilty for failing to protect yourself and your family, because you weren’t permitted. You can sluff your personal responsibility onto a government mandate. And that’s the whole theme of your liberal life.

Little do you know that all your concerns have nothing to do with the inalienable human right you assail. As that right exists specifically to defend both itself and the rest of citizen’s rights from responsibility-sluffers and collectivist subjugators like yourself.

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