Ed Snowden, Russian TV star, hands Putin a propaganda coup

More like, United States government, while raping the rights of all its citizens, hands Russia propaganda coup.

Remember the time when you could sit back and say with certainty and conviction, “We are far better than the Russians.”?

Today we spy on citizens, have nationwide localized standing paramilitaries, political dissenters are imprisoned and arrested routinely, the ‘free press’ is a government media outlet, rights against search and seizure are basically nonexistent, private property is viewed only as a source of government revenue, …

Yeah, Russia is bad. And I love what America is, its Constitution, its ‘principles,’ but with every passing day, look what the federal government has become. Reference: http://ift.tt/1hT2NpS Follow me on Facebook at http://ift.tt/1dq0nLr



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