S/V Danneskjöld

Let’s not get out of line here – I don’t care what you call yourself, or what you want to believe inside your head. And I don’t care who you like or don’t like. But the idea that you have the right (whether free on the street, or locked up in prison) to have me or anyone else pay for you to have surgery to change your body to be the way you ‘feel’ it is … is a goddamn outrage.

I will not accept it. If you want to call yourself a female ‘gendered’ person in a male’s body or visa versa, congratulations. DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY FOR YOU TO MAKE A PHYSICAL CHANGE TO YOUR BODY.

Personally I feel like I am a 6-foot-five triathlete with 0% body fat and a 18 inch dong. You don’t see me asking you to foot the bill for a surgery making me 6’5 and thin.



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