S/V Danneskjöld

Rep. Steve Stivers

I know that the Republican party only holds one half of one third of the federal government. Nonetheless, that one half has important roles and discharges important duties.

Among them is determining government spending and debt.

After the past year, I am struggling to devine an actual purpose for having Republicans in control of the House as opposed to Democrats. Spending goes on without end. Lawlessness is rewarded. About the only thing that Republicans have actually accomplished is staving off legislation proposed by democrats directly violative of their oaths of office in the form of gun control.

If the purpose of having Republicans in office is to slow-walk the country into fiscal, economic, and personal-liberty oblivion, frankly I would prefer the jog to that destination offered by the democrat party. After all, I’d rather have the advantage of relative youth when facing disaster.

This is a long way of saying that if the Republican party passes a ‘clean’ debt ceiling increase; if spending isn’t cut, Obamacare gutted or at least delayed, the President’s hand forced on Keystone, and some form of regulatory rein-in accomplished, I’m not sure what argument the party can make to its base about why it even matters to participate.

I’m pretty sure all the ‘Washington types’ are sitting around and saying ‘this is ours to lose’ thinking of the Senate elections and the coming year.

The conversations I am having with fellow conservatives generally center on “Why should I even bother voting.”

The attitude is not a product of Republican party failures. It is a product of the failure of the Republican party to even try to win.

Please keep my thoughts in mind when considering how to vote on the upcoming Bipartisan Debt Accumulation Agreement and Presidential Fiat Act, and please share any insights you may draw with the rest of the caucus. That is if you guys meet anymore for anything other than discussing how to make voters out of socialist criminals from foreign nations.

With respect and bearing out the truth that citizens like their Representatives but detest all the rest,



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