Court ruling overturns Net Neutrality, threatens online access, experts warn

What a breathtaking conflict of interest.

FNC makes the claim that if ‘net neutrality’ isn’t upheld it will affect consumers, but leaves out that the main focus by service providers in fighting ‘net neutrality’ is for service providers to be able to adequately charge content servers, like FNC, not consumers.

The regulatory framework is complex, but suffice it to say, major streamers like Netflix were able to use ‘net neutrality’ rules to set up a shell corporation, or co-ordinate with a leach corporation and contract with them for internet service, then feed themselves onto the ISP’s networks and demand to pay the same as consumers.

THIS rule is what drives up the cost to consumers, because Netflix and Amazon and Google are able to glom onto consumer networks at consumer (not profit-making corporate peer-negotiated) prices. The only way to charge the companies more, or maintain the infrastructure necessary to serve all that content, is to raise consumer prices.

It is classic Washington crony economics: make all internet users subsidize the costs of big corporations, but do it in a way that hides the cost from the consumer. Then label it in terms that are the opposite of its effect.

Net neutrality is anything but. It is net predation.

Free market + no government = freedom and prosperity for all. ‘Free Market + government = cronyism, corruption, exploitation, and destitution for most. Government + no free market = oppression and destitution for all. Reference: Follow me on Facebook at



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