On the Degradation of Rights by Attacking the Most Vulnerable Persons | S/V Danneskjöld

On the Degradation of Rights by Attacking the Most Vulnerable Persons | S/V Danneskjöld

Here on the S/V Danneskjöld we value abiding of the law. Above that, we value human dignity and the rights inherent to that dignity.

Problem is, for years I have viewed “Weapons Under Disability” offenses as a sort of prolonged-probation for violent felony offenders who have been released. Similarly, I took a ‘pragmatic’ approach to the ‘mentally ill,’ because, you know, who wants crazies running around with guns.

Well, I’m here to tell you – I was wrong.

It seems clear now that whatever chink in the armor of human rights is exposed to those determined to run them into the ground, that chink will be exploited. Also, one must think of this as a matter of principle.

We do not enslave someone for their entire lives by virtue of their commission of a crime unless they are sentenced sufficiently that they die while incarcerated or supervised. It is unjust to strip them of a human right inherent to dignity upon their release. That’s not to say they can’t lose civic or participatory rights, like voting or holding public office, but owning the means of personal defense is of a different nature.

The same goes for those who have been deemed mentally fit enough to walk free in the public. If a person is not such a danger that they must be involuntarily held in an institution, than they are not such a danger as to be denied their basic human dignity. That dignity includes the right to effectively protect one’s body from criminal violence.

No, there are NO reasonable exceptions to a persons right to be armed – which is why the fourth amendment talks about ‘reasonableness’ and the second simply states “SHALL NOT.”

Read on to see the poisonous filth the government uses to expand its ever-growing need to control its subjects.

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