Andrew Scott Boguslawski, Indiana National Guard, Arrested in Ohio with Explosives

[Photo Credit Columbus Dispatch] (Amazing how such a stereotypically crazy-person picture, funny really)

What is going on here?

The guy is in the army national guard and works with training of some sort in the Indiana National Guard, per his Linked-In and the article.  Does he really work for the DoD with a top secret clearance?  How long will this Linked-In account remain active?


The websites for that training facility seem legitimate: Atterbury-Muscatatuck.

Video Here (Will not embed).

The first question you might ask yourself watching the video is, was all the stuff work-related.  Of course, given the context of the stop and the fact that explosives were being transported in a horrendously illegal and unsafe fashion, we can be convinced that is not the case.

The guy appears to work and live in Indiana. The type of explosives that are implied to exist here are easily made and there is no need to drive across state lines to get them.

Perhaps, one might have to travel to get remote detonating equipment, but no powder monkey would likely want to be travelling with all that stuff together if they were merely stocking up.

This drives a logical conclusion that he must have been driving away from Indiana. Yet, why then does he have schematics for the Indiana facility? And why have schematics and bombs presumably destined for a facility slated for destruction anyway? (See link above).

image003 (2)

Why haven’t I heard about this situation until 5 days after it happened? Also nonsensical.  This is the sort of thing that generally blows up big time in all media streams.  (No pun intended).

There are some serious flags being raised here on the S/V Danneskjöld, I’m just not sure exactly what they are.  Where was this guy headed?  Curious sailors want to know.

[Update 1] The Dispatch now has an article out on this. From that article, it appears that Boguslawski was headed towards Indiana. Again, bringing up many questions about why such a person would leave the State to get basic devices that they, again, repeatedly state were “small.” Of course, one cannot enter the mind of a lunatic, if that is what he turns out to be, nor can one underestimate the stupidity of people who want to blow shit up, if that is what he intended to do.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the ‘explosives’ were M80’s or quarter-sticks of dynamite, or model rocket motors/launchers which are only ‘bombs’ on nonsense federal regulations? On the other hand, this guy could be a true menace.

[Update x2] Added photo of Boguslawski. Also, a few more questions that have crossed my mind. First, perhaps one of the reasons the story about this arrest didn’t come our for 5 days is that Boguslawski was rendered for some form of extensive interrogation in order to determine what type of immediate threat he or others were posing. It is an interesting question, in the context of, was he detained under the NDAA? Was it just standard (and I would argue appropriate) police work in exigent circumstances? Was the ‘crazy picture’ taken before, or after his extensive interrogation?

What tipped the trooper off to pull the guy over? I would be interested to find out just how random the stop was, and I’m considering a FOIA request for the Trooper’s ID who made the stop, the radio logs preceding and antecedent to the stop, and the cruiser videos available. Might get to work on that tomorrow.

[Update x3]  The Dispatch has another story out on this guy, highlighting some of his defenses or statements, and detailing the nature of the ‘bombs.’ Apparently they were in 5-hour Energy bottles. More questions.


A ‘bomb’ in a 5 hour energy bottle – absent the extremely unlikely presence of a complex commercial or military-grade high explosive –  is incapable of being anything that a normal, rational person would consider a bomb. There are many questions that need answering here. And no reason his ‘training’ equipment needed to be in Ohio, but there are big questions that aren’t being asked or answered.

Is this a big national story about a dangerous person, or is it a mundane violation of the technical rules for carrying a firearm? What was the propellant or explosive in the bottles? Was it smoke propellant?

Why did he need to have home-made ‘bombs’ in Ohio which he could have easily made at his own home in Indiana? Why was he going back to Indiana with such stuff?  Define the nature of the ‘remote detonator, hopefully it wasn’t a Model Rocket Remote, with the igniter placed into a smoke bomb, which is a ‘bomb’ in the loosest sense of the word.

I’m still stuck on when the picture was taken, given that it took 5 days between his arrest and reports being published … are we looking at a man who hasn’t slept for five days? Where is the cruiser video and radio traffic.

I suppose there wouldn’t be so many questions if the federal definition of an ‘explosive’ was rational, or the coverage not geared towards sensationalizing over fact gathering … but neither of those things are true.

e.g.  18 USC s 232:

(5) The term “explosive or incendiary device” means (A) dynamite and all other forms of high explosives, (B) any explosive bomb, grenade, missile, or similar device, and (C) any incendiary bomb or grenade, fire bomb, or similar device, including any device which (i) consists of or includes a breakable container including a flammable liquid or compound, and a wick composed of any material which, when ignited, is capable of igniting such flammable liquid or compound, and (ii) can be carried or thrown by one individual acting alone.


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