On Gay Marriage | S/V Danneskjöld

The state has no role in the consensual personal interactions of adult citizens. Period. The state should not grant anyone a marriage license, gay or straight. Nor does the state have a role in attempting to push or nudge people to make social decisions the state ‘prefers.’ There should not be tax benefits, or differentiated treatment for married persons. Their affairs should be settled – like the affairs of all other people in all other contested matters – in civil court.

I support the right of gay people to get married, just like I support the right of straight people to get married. But I oppose the state having any role whatsoever.

It is the state’s insertion into people’s private affairs that has restricted people’s rights. The solution isn’t to *expand* state involvement into greater numbers and types of relationships, but instead to expel the state from those relationships entirely.

The evil here is government involvement in the first place.

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