Dispatch: Ohio Gov. John Kasich Outlines 2014 Wish List

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller …

I wish I didn’t spend money I don’t have, from generations not yet born, on government giveaways that have kept people poor for 50 years.

I wish I was a conservative.

I wish I wasn’t an asshole.

I wish I didn’t think I was an Obama-king, able to rule by fiat in direct contradiction of the vote of the legislature.

I wish I upheld my oath to the laws and Constitution of the State of Ohio.

I wish I could understand the sad irony that the best the democrats could come up with to run against me is an executive from the most corrupt county in the state who chose a running-mate who owes the state more money in taxes than many people will earn in their lives.

Neither wild horses nor the threat of Armageddon could get me to vote for John R. Kasich, even for county dog catcher.

Reference: http://mobile.dispatch.com/webapp/news/article/lns/1677290746/kasich-outlines-2014-wish-list

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