On Senator Rob Portman’s Shame

Please find, attached, Senator Rob Portman’s flaccid defense of his capitulation, agreement to raise taxes (yes, fees are taxes) and punish disabled war veterans to fund tax ‘refunds’ for criminal aliens.

Sen. Portman has been right on some other issues, but being right on a few issues when you cross the line and join the enemy on vast sections of others is insufficient. Portman has always been an inside-the-beltway Washingtonian, who views the government as something distinct from and better than the people, but the tripe I’ve attached below is just shameful.

Rob Portman:

I support the bipartisan budget agreement because it takes modest steps to reduce the deficit without raising taxes, relieves the sequester’s impact on our national security, and prevents another government shutdown.

This budget agreement is far from perfect. It does not take the needed steps to reform our nation’s ballooning mandatory spending on autopilot and does not address the need for pro-growth tax reform to create jobs. We cannot continue to kick the can down the road, and I am disappointed that Washington once again missed the opportunity to fix the debt problem and get the economy moving.

Hey, liar, you just did kick the can down the road, around the block, and to the moon.  You know it.  You just have no backbone and you’re not willing to make personal or political sacrifices to get change.  If you had the majority you STILL would be unwilling to make painful political choices to create an actual, sustainable economy.  Because you are a coward.




Reference: https://www.facebook.com/senrobportman/posts/10151818053401074

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