FNC Lie of the Day: “Senate GOP fails in final bid to block military pension cuts in budget bill”

This article’s headline is total trash spin. The GOP didn’t ‘fail to block cuts to veterans,’ instead, the GOP authored, supported, championed, passed, exalted, praised, and desired the cuts to veterans benefits.

There is ONLY ONE party responsible for veterans benefits being sacked to pay for criminal alien tax breaks – the REPUBLICAN PARTY. They wanted, this, they asked for it, they wrote it, and they got it. The establishment’s preferred candidate for President is the single man behind it, the party’s most powerful political figure is its divisive cheerleader.

EMBRACE THE SUCK Veterans, and thank the REPUBLICAN PARTY today.

Learn the names of the traitors in your midst, whom you support blindly because they put an ‘R’ after their name. They are worse than the enemies of liberty, because they are insidious traitors to it.

Senator Rob Portman, Senator Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Rep. Steve Stivers, John Boehner

These are all turncoats to the very premises they claim to support. Chief among them, you would think, would be they Ryan/McCainian failures. This isn’t so. Ryan wrote modest budgets that failed, so now he writes democrat budgets. McCain isn’t just an authoritarian socialist, he is the most aggressively wrong politician in Washington. He literally is the barometer of wrongness. When he supports something, anything, it is a good reason to oppose it. The greatest villain, actually, is Mitch McConnell – this loser has the power to whip votes to stop this trash, but he supports it, and then votes against it because a real conservative, Senator Lee Bright is running against him. He is a dishonest, traitorous, manipulative, reptilian coward.

Here on the S/V Danneskjöld, we have no tolerance for traitors, and believe their appropriate place is at the end of the plank.

Reference: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/12/18/senate-gop-fails-in-final-bid-to-restore-military-pension-cuts-to-budget-bill/

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