The Obama White House put politics before governing in 2012, lied about it, and still won’t own up

It’s so ho-hum to point out the ongoing lies of the administration, just like it was ho-hum to point out their manipulations when they were doing it in 2012.

It’s great to see that the media has finally picked up on the lies two years later, but honestly, at this point, who gives a shit if the media shows that the President was lying in 2012 for his re-election?

The lies were plain to see, and you can’t save your brand by uncovering them now, when it doesn’t matter anymore.

The lies were so obvious that I hold anyone who claimed to believe them to be, themselves, a liar.  That’s right, you are a liar when you choose to believe that which you know to be untrue out of convenience.

You’re a liar to yourself, and I can’t think of anything I trust less than that.


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