S/V Danneskjöld: Gingrich: Every major poverty center is run by democrats.

Newt Gingrich got it right today:

Every major city which is a center of poverty is run by democrats.

I’ll expand: it isn’t that lefties hate the poor, nor is it that they’re unwilling to try to help. The issue is that they are too intransigent to recognize that their efforts have a destructive effect, and too emotionally bound to how their solutions make them feel, that a few homeless children seems like a reasonable price to pay for that feeling.

They know that if a (truly, not democrat/crony) free market really does provide the best standard of living for the most people, it not only proves that liberals were wrong on the economics, it proves they were wrong in their claims of moral superiority, and leaves them as the party of arbitrary, destructive power without noble purpose.

Essentially it proves that they represent all the historical evils of government, without its few virtues.

It’s never enough to ‘feel’ like you’re helping. And sometimes that’s the worst thing possible.


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