Karl Halvorson Pierson: Colorado School Shooter is Anti-Gun, Media Hides Truth

First, it is my general position not to reward violent maniacs with the publication of their names, but since my general reading on the topic seems to show that the media is both intent on printing his name everywhere, and intent on misrepresenting his political slants, I am compelled to offer a counter-history.


It appears that the Connecticut anniversary copycat loser was a proponent of the civilian disarmament lobby, a socialist, and big into politics.

From his Facebook Page: (since censored from the internet), there are several entries deriding conservatives and deriding the lack of more stringent gun control.  (No word on his stance regulating destructive devices).  Do not look to the mainstream media for a recounting, as we will discuss below.

Curiously, the first article I read today referenced that he “had very strong views on gun laws and stuff.”  We’ll give the credit to NBC News for this one.  Naturally, nothing in the NBC news article attempts to clarify the ambiguity of the statement “strong views.”  It is left to the viewer to assume that the views were pro or con.  The same quoted student, as reported outside the United States, e.g. News.Com.Au (Australia), goes on to explain that the shooter was a socialist, a claim confirmed in part by his own facebook rantings.

Of course, that NBC article doesn’t quite hit as hard as the LA Times which has actually decided to report that the incompetent socialist debater “liked to talk about politics and was a strong advocate of gun rights”, see Colorado Shooter Identified.  This despite the LA Times’s admitted access to his Facebook page and extensive analysis before press – same article.  Now, this is just the printing of an outright lie that the LA Times hopes will become commonly-known truth.  That or the LA Times author just read the NBC report and assumed, as NBC had hoped, that “strong views” meant “pro-gun.”

I could go down a list of headlines and articles containing the complete omission or the implied falsehood.  What you will continuously not see in the US press is references to the shooter’s socialist economic preferences, liberal politics, or anti-gun beliefs.

Contrast what is happening in this situation – the media ignoring or actively lying about a known liberal shooter – with the Giffords shooter who, while he later also turned out to be a liberal, was of unknown politics at the time.  Conservatives were blamed roundly:

I could list on, and on, and on.

The truth is that it shouldn’t matter what a deranged lunatic thinks about politics.  And it shouldn’t matter what their name is either.

But to the mainstream US media, a deranged madman’s politics only matter when that person can be associated with a conservative, or a conservative message, rightly or not.

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