S/V Danneskjöld: The Problem With Claiming “The Death Penalty is Expensive.”

Here’s the problem with the “Death Penalty is Expensive” argument:

The death penalty is only expensive because of the massive, frivolous litigation that goes along with each case. People like these state representatives wanting to eliminate the death penalty believe that if you get rid of the death penalty, you’ll get rid of the litigation. DEAD WRONG.

The litigation is a cottage industry for the attorneys and activists involved. I’ll explain more, but just look to the recent SCOTUS rulings on juveniles. Recently, it became (apparently) cruel and unusual to kill off a juvenile who kills off other people. Did this stop the anti-punishment lobby from concerning themselves with juveniles? No. They simply ramped up their litigation claiming that it is ‘cruel and unusual’ to lock a ‘child’ murderer up for life without the possibility of parole. Their focus isn’t upon the death penalty, it is upon whatever greatest penalty exists.

The problem here isn’t with the death penalty per se. Even thouth I grant that there are some in this industry who genuinely oppose the death penalty, those people aren’t going to leave the industry if the death penalty is removed, they’ll just move their sights on down the punishment line.

This comes from a wrongful, ridiculous mindset on their part that no person can commit an act for which they cannot be ‘rehabilitated’ or for which the need of punishment exceeds the criminals want of being loose among the law-abiding.

Because of this belief, these litigants will never, ever stop, no matter the degree to which punishment is reduced. In my opinion, every person is conceived with the right to life, but they can earn death and/or numerous other punishments lesser than death. It is useful to direct upon one issue the focus of those who don’t believe in consequences and who think that society exists to serve the most anti-social. This keeps society safe from all the persons locked up for their natural lives due to their murderous, disgusting and ultimately unforgivable behavior.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think there are scads of ‘crimes’ for which people are punished which are themselves non-criminal, non-culpable, and for which punishment is unjust. I can sum these crimes up in one description: Any act prohibited as a means of preventing harm.

Harm can and should be punished. ‘Not harm’ is not punishable.

Murder is a crime of finality, and it deserves a punishment of finality.


Reference:  http://www.morningjournal.com/general-news/20131203/lorain-representative-dan-ramos-joins-call-to-end-death-penalty-in-ohio

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