ZERO Senate Republicans support budget deal, Democrats must find five…?

What a turn … if (and I am sure it will not be so, given the McCainian turncoats in the Senate), it was the Senate that blocked the liberal RINO elimination of budget cuts …

I’m not sure what I’d think, or what I’d do…

I am considering starting a political group to encourage actual conservatives and libertarians to vote for liberal democrats over squish republicans.


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One response to “ZERO Senate Republicans support budget deal, Democrats must find five…?”

  1. S/V Danneskjöld says :

    Edited to Add: The common enemies of mankind, who agree with their friends when their friends are wrong, and their enemies when their enemies are wrong, have reliably supported the deficit-ballooning, spendthrift, government-erotic spending plan. McCain (the living barometer of bad decisions), Collins (squish), a nobody from North Carolina, Flake (good name), Murkowski (actually a democrat), Corker (also a Democrat) …

    And that’s before we even get to Senators who have no business whatsoever supporting this bullshit, like Hoeven.

    I personally wish either for a quick collapse by allowing deBlasio-ian traitors to run the country, or an actual spirited defense of liberty. I can’t stand these losers put into the Senate by States who should know better. Being stuck in Ohio, I am stuck with a State that can’t make up its mind as well …

    But North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Arizona have no excuses.

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