Lowest 40% of US earners paid NEGATIVE 9% income taxes. Top 40% of earners paid 106% of taxes. Truth.

I suspect it will never get past 49% paying more than 100% of the tax burden. That is because under the new American regime individuals are not protected, and majoritarian tyrants enslave the minority.

Democracy is a form of tyranny in which fewer people are oppressed than in dictatorship, but it is tyranny nonetheless. Only in a republic, centered on the protection of the rights of the individual – and only the individual – is oppression staved off.

The only thing that is ‘for the common good’ are those things good for the individual, because the accumulation of individual good is what forms the common.  Life is not a zero sum game.

Our Constitution is one of a republic, yet our public education insists it is a democracy.  Over time, the educated lie is replacing the truth.

Reference: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/cbotop-40-paid-1062-income-taxes-bottom-40-paid-91-got-average-18950

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