Mother Jones Asks: Will GOP rebel Justin Amash bring down the NSA—and his own party?

There are so few bright lights of liberty shining in our capital, but one who shines brightly and unwaveringly is Justin Amash.

I often find it difficult to follow through with my mantra that if one educates themselves in order to form wise, righteous principles, and follows through with those principles, things will work out positively in the end. I am not sure – but I am hopeful – that this will even work out for Justin.

But even ‘progressive’ news outlets have to recognize his impact. In the attached article, you can see the contrast between a man of principle, a magazine of unprincipled self-interest, and a party of political convenience.

Always remember, there’s a difference between what you *want* to have happen and what you should be willing to *force* other people to do.

In a derivation of the scoundrel McCain’s reference to Amash, he is one rare bird. Hopefully we’ll be able to add to his flock.


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