S/V Danneskjöld: Firearm Registration

In less than 40 days, free men and women in the State of New York will be forced into the final stages of a stark decision on their liberty. The ‘SAFE’ Act requires registration of their arms at that time.

It harkens me back to a time in 2006 or 2007 when I had to make the same choice. I was living in Columbus at the time, and the city council passed a law requiring registration of all ‘assault weapons’ in the city. I remember the difficulty of weighing my options. Renting a place out of the city, storing my guns elsewhere, complying, or simply determining that if this be the law, then I am an outlaw.

I was relieved after the first reports to find that only one person registered a firearm. Before the registry was done with, I believe the number got to 20 or so. I wasn’t on it, I didn’t leave Columbus, and my arms never left my possession.

In New York, the AG will not release the aggregate data on the registration figures. Hopefully that reflects massive refusal to comply with the law.

I don’t know what I would do if I lived in New York. I suspect I would have left long ago, but violation of their new laws are felonies and that State has a disgusting habit of incarcerating people for status offenses. I am certain that I would retain and use magazines of standard capacities. I am also certain I would not register a firearm that I owned under such a scheme.

Do you fight it in court, or do you fight it at home?

They say you can’t live forever, but that goes for everyone.

Mr. Stasi Brownshirt, please don’t burn your hand on the barrel of my gun while you’re prying it out of my cold, dead hands.


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