The Center Cannot Hold

This is an interesting article on a number of issues. Basically it covers why there can’t be a ‘centrist’ party; because there is no center. Instead of using a model of three political options (Right, Left, Center), the article discusses five: Conservative, Liberal, Centrist, Libertarian and ‘Populist.’

I take three issues with the data and the article, which still leave it largely intact. First, the blanket error of associating libertarianism with a pro-abortion stance. Second, the labeling of Authoritarians as ‘populists,’ which is an attempt at positive spin on the distasteful nature of authoritarians.

Finally, the article treats ‘centrists’ as a group with a political ethos, when in fact centrists are those most likely to be paying no attention, having no real opinions, and who have the least to offer in the political sphere. People who ‘don’t really take a position’ are not people worth considering. You can’t win them, the same way you can’t lose them. Ultimately, they’ll watch an election and cling to some random factoid of no real consequence and vote because of that.

Anyway, a compelling analysis nonetheless.


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