S/V Danneskjöld: On Immigration, Employment, and Justice

Here on the S/V Danneskjöld, we have solutions to most of the country’s pressing problems. Today’s solution: Immigration Reform.

This isn’t very complicated. There are Three issues.

1.) Right now there are 12 million criminal aliens wanting to live, work, play and be supported here in the US. They are, unfortunately, a permanent underclass living in the shadows. It is a situation which should not remain.

2.) The control of a Country’s borders is one of the principle duties and rights of a sovereign nation. Advocacy for “Open Borders” is incompatible with the existence and respect for a nation state. It is a crime to enter or remain in a country despite the wishes of that nation.

3.) Employers want to freely employ the best workers willing to work for them.

Solution: Guest worker program for persons currently living in the US and working, granting a legal status so long as employed, without citizenship or additional rights. Major expansions of Visa and immigration offerings as provided in foreign embassies for residents of foreign countries, with priority to persons possessing skills desired in the US workforce but not present therein. A pathway to citizenship for those living in the US and having a guest worker permit by one and only one process: that person returning to their country of origin, entering the same line that all others must stand in, and applying at the embassy for their place of residence in their home country. The issuance of a visa or GWP to be permanently revoked upon evidence of any fraudulence used to procure the same.

There are other complexities to be ironed out, including the elimination of executive discretion on immigration matters, the streamlining and elimination of immigration exceptions and legal procedures, civil forfeiture as a means of funding deportation transportation, and a mechanism for both Immigration Courts, CBP, ICE, and associated agencies that conditions funding upon the rate of deportation of criminal aliens present in the country without a GWP. Nonetheless, it is a workable framework.

The fact is, you can’t reward people with US Citizenship for starting their relationship with our country as criminals. And it is a crime. The law is known, and each individual makes a choice to place their own desires above that law. And the law isn’t unjust, it’s the standard mechanism used by all countries to deal with foreigners seeking access.

This plan gives dignity and the light of day to foreigners who come here by their own admission ‘just because they want to work.’ It gives them 100% of what they want. But it doesn’t make them citizens by virtue of their criminality. And that is just.


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