S/V Danneskjöld: Banning Plastic Guns

Rep. Steve Stivers

In the coming week you will likely be asked to vote on a bill EXPANDING firearms restrictions through the Undetectable Firearms Act. This bill was originally passed in the 80’s amid an hysteria over ‘plastic guns’ which did not exist. Thus, the ban banned nothing. A useless bill but not to be unexpected.

Today, the House seeks to expand the once useless bill to include restrictions on the use of 3D printing technology to make firearms.

Here’s the deal. Ammunition is made of metal and is detectable by the numerous search and surveillance equipment employed all over our free country, so in practice, even if there was a plastic gun, it would still be detected before it could be useful. This bill seeks to ban a hypothesized threat that does not exist – or – will exist regardless of the expanded bill. By ‘will exist regardless’ I mean that banning a 3D printed firearm is laughable because the whole point of printing a 3D plastic firearm is the thwarting of laws banning guns. No one is developing and 3D printing guns (useful only for three shots and costing more than a premium firearm) to use in violent crime. People are drafting 3D firearms for production and use in the event that firearms are banned. The banning of the 3D firearm is a reinforcement of the reason for which the concept was developed. (See, e.g. DefenseDistributed).

Reauthorization of the original, unmodified bill would mean that people making their own firearms for personal use (which all Americans have a recognized right to do, per natural law, codified law and the ATF), would still have to include metal so the arms are detectable. But the expansion banning of 3D printing, or the prohibition of manufacturing your own firearm for personal use is a massive, hidden attack on firearms rights.

I repeat, slipping in a ban on manufacturing firearms for personal use without a $2,000 Federal Firearms Manufacturing License is a major expansion of gun control and it has no place whatsoever in a Republican House bill.

I encourage you to vote against any reauthorization of the pointless original law. If you must vote for something, it is imperative that any new legislation neither exceed the original language nor permit a committee with the Senate on any modification of that language.

I still remember what happened with the last seemingly innocuous Republican-supported bill that had tragic effects for the country – the 1986 Firearms Owner Protection Act – which in the end protected no firearms owners, but did close the NFA registry through a last minute amendment, seriously curtailing the rights of American firearms owners.

Please do not let a seemingly innocuous bill be the vehicle for Constitutional poison.

S/V Danneskjöld

#2Amendment #NRA #Liberty


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