Venezuela And the Start of Low Temperature Conflict

15 years ago, Venezuela was a thriving democracy. It elected a socialist leader who started fundamentally changing its economy. Making millions permanently dependent upon the government for daily activities.

Private business were demonized, sometimes nationalized or bailed out. Structural changes were made to the electoral process. Money was manipulated and new external enemies were created to distract from internal problems.

Once a vibrant entrepreneurial economy in a democratic state, Venezuela last week ‘granted’ the power to govern by decree to its dictator.

15 years from democracy to full-bore murderous dictatorship.

It’s something to think about America, as we view partial nationalizations of major industries, doubling of citizens on government doles to now over half the population, the attempt at mass-infusion of socialist foreigners into the electoral process, the elimination of Constitutional and procedural safeguards concerning executive powers, regulatory actions considered illegal ten years ago, and a President who believes he can ordain which laws will be enforced and which ones will have their terms modified by his whim regardless of the legislature.

Venezuela exists today in perpetual low temperature conflict. No one has a reliable right to property, nor an ability to feel stable or safe. It is the ultimate expression of a politics taking hold today in the US.

People are making choices today to move the US faster in this direction.

Much as I will not be put upon by men of no moral character, I will not be imposed upon by men who would seek to subject me to utter despotism; no matter the ‘noble’ intentions for their actions.


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