Throwback 11/19/13 – Obamacare Exchanges Incomplete.

30-40% of the Obamacare exchanges haven’t even been built yet, at all. 

Apparently one of the subsystems never constructed was that for processing payments. Inflows. The beating economic heart of the law.

I have 20 immediate thoughts. 

1.) A private entity might fail, but it wouldn’t fail for lack of payment handling. 
2.) It is impossible to believe that Obama and everyone in his administration didn’t know of this disaster long before launch.
3.) The only exception to #2 is if everyone looked at the uncompleted Death Star of a website and, upon their horror, Obama said, laughing, “Oh, I think they’ll find this whole website quite operational …” </ominous tone>
4.) Who even has the balls to attempt to make this program run live? I wouldn’t have run something only 60% done to a TA in college, in a business school computer programming class. 
5.) Maybe this really is the best the government can do. 
6.) In that case, please bring on single-payer. 
7.) Wait. No. 
8.) Do you think the head IT guy in charge of this, testifying to Congress about it, is going to get a private sector job?
9.) I bet he gets a raise.
10.) After a decade of complaints about no-bid Halliburton contracts, Democrats tried their own no-bid contract and … Disaster. Among the differences? Halliburton just went in and did the job, the government tried to ‘help’ write the Obamacare code.
11.) Sometimes it’s useful to have a standard for achievement better than ‘Can Ed Shultz spin this story.’
12.) Sometimes managing something other than a campaign is good experience for single-handedly running 1/6th of the US economy. 
13.) Don’t sweat it, it’s not like your life depends on the US healthcare system continuing to function. 
14.) If it saves even one life, it’s worth yours. 
15.) How comfortable does one need to be telling and living lies in order to try and sell a 60% complete website that can’t even accept payments as ‘glitchy?’
16.) Doesn’t this throw new light on the administration counting plans ‘in the shopping cart’ as purchased?
17.) Of course! No one – at all – can actually buy a plan on the website!
18.) Doesn’t that more-or-less make the numbers of enrollees a plain, outright lie? Not a manipulation, or a positive spin. Just a plain old whopper. 
19.) Even given all this, some 30% of the public still ‘wants’ Obamacare. I put the “wants” in quotes because the drooling mumblings of lobotomized lefties are hard to actually quantify as desires.
20.) Really? Really? 40% incomplete? That’s an actual failing score. Even in a social promotion school. Fail. Even in a gentlemen’s ‘C’ school. Fail.

Fail. Fail. Fail.


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