Fast & Furious was Genocide, not Ineptitude.

The New York Post today (How America Gave Guns To Mexican Drug Cartels) charitably described US Federal Government shipments of arms to Mexican cartels as ‘inept’ policy.

They identified the internal plan as, Phase One: walk guns, Phase Two: ???’ Phase Three: Bring down drug cartel.

They did half the work of real reporters. There’s never a “???” in a law enforcement program like this.

Phase Two is, and always was, blaming American gun owners for dead Mexicans.

The problem with our world is that few pay attention, fewer still remember, and almost no one remembers a chronology. For months before the whistle blowing on this BATFE scam, we heard weekly about statistics showing US origin guns being used in Mexican cartel violence. This happened so much so that the Mexican President audaciously called on US citizens’ rights to be restricted to deal with this bogus problem, in addition to filing lawsuits on the same issue. (Mexico Files Suit Against US Gun Industry)

The President of the United States met with him and never revealed that his Justice department was knowingly shipping these arms out of the country in violation of US laws and treaties, to be used by militants against an ally – the Mexican government. (US Guns Flooding Into Mexico Per Administration, ABC News, 2009, Whitehouse Transcript of Joint Press Conference with Felipe Calderon of Mexico, 2009)

Fomenting a foreign genocide to undermine citizens rights at home.

That’s not ineptitude, that is a crime against humanity.


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